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"The mind is like a parachute -
it only functions when it's open!"

"Philosophy - something for men with beards gone grey a long time ago who
 do not know what to do with the time they've left!"
That's exactly what Philosophy is not!
But that is it's image, a prejudice leading her way, wherever she goes. It is the
science itself, which is to blame surrounding itself with the impenetrable cloud of
posh  expressions and incomprehensible terms making Philosophy an one-way road
for academics and thus depriving her of her use for mankind!

Nevertheless Philosophy is the most human of all humanities and
we all are philosophers!


It is while browsing the Net - with all its loopholes - that the philosopher in you comes
to the surface... in those moments when your browser tells you for the 25th time

"Network Error - Server down or Broken Pipe"
or Windows95 comes up with new errors no-one's ever heard about, your data's lost
and right then you go:

"What is this all about ?",
"Where the heck's the sense in all this shit?" .

And right then, when you start to reflect; start to ask for a reason and
challenge all that ever seemed  so normal... right then you're as much a philoso-
pher as any bespectacled and bearded retiree in the world !


Basically, Philosophy treats everything.
All humans consider to be worth reflecting, all that moves humans, what stirs their minds
can and does  become the subject of Philosophy.
From the largest concept to the smallest particle and to the (seemingly) most unimportant
thing -
  From life's sense to earthworm's happiness !

To define the field of Philosophy somehow more exactly, one can distinguish three
basic questions according to Immanuel Kant, which popped up again and again on
Philosophy's course through history

  "What can we possibly know ?"
  "What is the way we're supposed to act ?"
  "What can we believe ?"

The first questions concerns human Cognition.
What is the nature of our  world, how am I to imagine her ?
What can I know about her
at all ? 
And can I know anything about her for sure ?

The second question challenges human Behaviour.
How am I to lead my life ?
What can I -reasonably- pursue and what objectives should I
envision ? 
How shall I behave towards my fellow human beings ?
How towards society ?

The third question is about human Beliefs.
Is there a superior being an "out-of-this-world" power ?
Is man free in his will ? 
there a life after death, immortality ?
Since these questions concern beliefs, they can only to a certain degree
be answered
with "prove and evidence".


In order to advance oneself in his day-to-day Philosophy it is crucial to know what has
crossed other minds, what has been thought before; to get
Inspiration  from other
ideas. Only thus can new plants grow on the fertile soil of ac-
cumulated thoughts.


That's why     Werther'sWorld  wants to introduce to you selected
ThinkModels of Philosophers, gather Philosophy-Ressources on the Web  and provide
a Forum for discussions  -  all of the above mentioned in an easy-to-understand  way
and by avoiding stupid pseudo-scientific vocabulary !


The Philospohy-Pages @ Werther'sWorld:
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- Friedrich Nietzsche - Criticizing religion!

- Freedom of Speech and Anti-Censorship!

The Philosophy-Forum @ Werther'sWorld:
  Does man posses a free will ?
  Come on - discuss ! Mail your opinion, Werther'sWorld'll put them on the web !

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